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Relaxing Massage

Massage increases circulation and energy flow as well as reduces stress and relieves muscle tension. Our therapists will focus on your needs. They are capable of pressure ranging from light stress release, to knot releasing deep tissue. Communicate with your therapist and get the massage you want and need. 

Choose a service Enhancement to make your massage even more relaxing!

Read more about the benefits of massage.

Stress Relief Massage 

30 min $47    45 min $64    60 min $81    75 min $97    90 min $113

A massage customized to address your needs, using pressure ranging from

relaxing/light to knot-releasing deep tissue.


Hot Stone Massage  

60 min $97   90 min $130

This massage uses warm Basalt Stones to melt away your

stress and tension. 

*Contraindicated for pregnancy


Cupping Therapy

Add-on 15 min $32    Add-on 30 min $47

This therapy uses negative pressure to lift the tissues of the body to promote

blood flow, relaxation, help soften muscle tissue and helps decrease inflammation.

Deep tissue work without discomfort, moves stagnation and drains fluid,

stretches muscle and connective tissue.

*Add-ons must be booked with another massage service. 

Raindrop Therapy

60 min $100    90 min $132

Combines Massage and aromatherapy for deep relaxation and rejuvenating experience.

Promotes release of pent up emotions, boosts immune system, pain relief and detoxifying.

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