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Benefits of Massage Therapy


The Skeletal System
Reduces muscular tension that leads to structural imbalance. Increases the flow of nutrients to the bones.


Muscular System
Relieves muscular tension. Increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the muscle tissue. Eliminates wastes such as uric acid and lactic acid from muscles. Restores tone to flaccid muscles. Eliminates/prevents adhesion's from injuries or surgeries.  Increases flexibility and strength of joints.


Circulatory System
Increases circulation and flow of nutrients to every cell in the body. Eases the strain of the heart by assisting the venous return.


Digestive System
Improves the function of the liver. Massage is a mechanical cleanser - pushing out waste products.


Additional Benefits
Reduces mental and physical stress. Reduces anxiety and increases awareness of mind/body connection. Improves the posture as well as muscle tone and flexibility. Relieves muscle tension and stiffness and prevents injury. Provides deep relaxation which allows the body's own healing mechanisms to function properly. Satisfies the need for a caring and nurturing touch.

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