Mini Services

Choose any of these delightful treatments to intensify your spa treatment!  The mini services you choose will be discussed with your service provider to ensure you are receiving the absolute best service for you.  These services are not bookable online, but can be added to your treatment at the time of your appointment.  The types of appointments these can be added to are listed next to each Mini Service.


Cold Stone Collagen Eye Treatment  $10.00 (Facial, Body Treatment)

Pamper yourself with this firming and hydrating eye treatment

Firming Neck Treatment  $20.00 (Facial, Body Treatment)

This firming and hydrating mask treats the typically neglected neck and chest area

Cooling Neck and Scalp Massage  $10.00 (Facial, Body Treatment, Massage)

A relaxing massage using Biofreeze to soothe sore muscles and relieve headaches

Relaxing Foot Massage  $10.00 (Facial, Body Treatment, Massage)

Spoil yourself with this delightful hydrating foot massage

Calming Facial Massage  $10.00 (Facial, Body Treatment, Massage)

Calm your skin with this cold stone facial massage, great for inflammation and redness

Hydration Mask $10.00 (Facial)

Infuses antioxidants, lipids & omegas for instant softness, hydration and barrier-restoration

Oxygen Vitamin C Mask  $10.00 (Facial)

This oxygen mask contains vitamin c & antioxidants to restore your skin.  Remarkable for sun damage, dehydrated, dull, acne and mature skin

glo Firming Mask  $10.00 (Facial)

Give your skin a visible life and radiance

glo Brightening Mask  $20.00 (Facial)

This mask combines lactic acid and vitamin C to soften hyperpigmentation and revitalize  the skin to reveal a brighter complexion.

Enzyme Peel  Add-On $25.00 (Facial)

This deep exfoliation will leave your skin silky smooth

Taping $15 (per body part) (Massage)

This add-on service is like taking the massage therapist's hands home with you. Kinesio tape aids in drainage, acts as a brace with 100% mobility and great for inflammation. Request Tina for this service.