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pamper yourself With an Enhancement

Aromatheapy Oils

Choose any of these delightful treatments to intensify your spa treatment!  The enhancement you choose will be discussed with your service provider to ensure you are receiving the absolute best service for you.  These services are not bookable online, but can be added to your treatment at the time of your appointment.  The types of appointments these can be added to

are listed next to each enhancement.


Cooling Neck & Scalp Massage - $10.00

Add Biofreeze to soothe the neck &

scalp and help relieve tension or headaches.


Calming Facial Massage - $10.00

Chilled globes slide across your skin, this treatment hits all the pressure points,

soothes and calms the face.


Foot Refresher - $10.00

Treat your feet with a gentle buffing & hot towel wrap.

We'll massage lotion in & tuck tired feet into fuzzy socks.


Warm Salt Stone Facial Massage -$10.00

This enhancement relieves tension, boosts circulation,

kills bacteria and gives a glowing complexion.





(can also do any of the massage enhancements)

glo Enzyme Peel - $25.00

This deep exfoliation will leave your skin silky smooth.


Oxygen Vitamin C Mask - $10.00

This oxygen mask contains vitamin C and antioxidants to restore your skin.

Remarkable for sun damaged, dehydrated, dull, acne and mature skin.


Firming Neck Treatment - $10.00

Treat this typically neglected area with this tightening mask to help firm and tone the neck.


Keratin All in One Hand Treatment-$10.00

Let this skin nourishing, nail strengthening, hydrating treatment soak in

while your hands are in heated mitts.


Hydrating Lip Treatment- $10.00

Pamper your pout with this 3 step treatment.

Exfoliate, massage, and hydrate.


Cold Stone Collagen Eye - $10.00

Let the weight of these cold stones soothe away stress & tension

with this firming and hydrating eye treatment.

LED Add-On 

LED therapy is a non-invasive beauty treatment that exposes your skin to light energy,

it promotes cellular growth and repair and gives you a healthy, youthful glow.

15 min $19  30 min $37

*Ask your Aesthetician if any of these can be done during your waxing

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