To all the ladies and gentlemen in our lives that ask us . . .

Why would someone get hair ripped out of their body?


First, let's clarify that waxing is not as relaxing as a body treatment, body massage, or facial - but it is a service that ends up being very time saving and very rewarding.  Ask anyone that has waxed, for any length of time, if they would ever go back to shaving the areas they now wax.  Bet the answer will be, "Absolutely not, no more razor nicks for me."

We know that if we want smooth, legs, underarms and bikinis we have to shave almost every day. 365 days a year is a lot of razor nicks. Now is the time to start. Whether it's your legs, bikini, underarms, eyebrows, forearms, or anything else, let's get to work!  You'll never have to touch a razor again.


Did you know?

It is a common misconception that shaving or waxing makes the hair grow back thicker.  This is not true!  Shaving and waxing does not change your DNA or hormones, and these are the things responsible for hair thickness.  Shaving leaves a blunt stubble that feels thicker because the soft curve of the hair has been removed.  If you were to let it grow back fully, it would be just the same thickness as before you started shaving.  When hair is removed by waxing, it weakens the hair follicle. Therefore, after waxing on a continuous basis, you will notice a softer, finer, more sporadic hair growth.

3 to 4 weeks of hair growth or 1/4 inch in length is needed for waxing.

Starting Prices (prices may vary depending on hair thickness and the size of the area being waxed)

Back  $50 (Base of Neck to Waist)

Bikini    Female-$40  Male-$40  (Traditional Bikini Swimsuit Line)

Brazilian Bikini    Female-$60 Male-$75  (Front to Back All Off)

Eye Brows  $18

Chest  $50  (Collar Bone to Waist)

Chin  $10

Ears  $10

Face  $20  (Includes Chin)

Feet & Toes  $8

Forearms  $30  (Wrist to Elbow)

Hands  $8

1/2 Legs  $35  (Bottom of Knee Down or Top of Knee Up)

Full Leg  $55  (Does Not Include Bikini Line)

Lip  $8

Nose  $8

Stomach  $15  (Waist to Top of Bikini Line)

Underarms  $25 

Brow Tweeze  $18

Lip Tweeze  $10

Chin Tweeze  $12


We do not wax male facial hair (mustache/beard).

Ask your service provider (Aesthetician) about at home care between appointments to help prevent ingrown hairs.  Receive 10% off after-care products the day of your waxing appointment(s).

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