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What to expect when you're getting a massage


It's not uncommon to feel uneasy or shy about receiving your first massage. The following list of guide lines will help put you at ease. Once you've experienced your first massage we feel confident that you will not hesitate to schedule another one.

  • Try to arrive 10 min early so that you can slow down a few min before your massage.

  • Once you're in the room, you will be able to get comfy and cover yourself in privacy. You will be draped with a sheet and large towel throughout the service, you will always be covered. 

  • Talk to your therapist before your massage begins and tell her which areas you would like to focus on and any areas to be avoided.  Communication is the key to getting the massage you want.

  • During your massage let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort. Don't be afraid to tell your massage therapist exactly what you want, they are here to make your service the best possible. During your session close your eyes and allow yourself to relax as completely as possible.

  • Focus your attention on breathing slowly, deeply.

  • Do not try to help your therapist move your limbs into position.  Let your therapist do the work unless she requests assistance.


A massage carries the unique gifts and qualities of each massage therapist.

Common Massage Therapy Questions


What will I wear?

Remove your clothing to your level of comfort. You are never exposed and you will find that you will be very comfortable with nothing on. You will receive your best massage if your massage therapist doesn't have to move clothing around to get to sore, tense, muscles.


Where will I change?

You will be escorted to the massage room, your therapist will step out of the room while you get ready in privacy & knock before they enter to start the massage. 


Where will I put my clothes?
There are hooks on the back of the door, and you can place anything on the counter of the room that you will always be in.

What is deep tissue massage?
It is different for each client. Our massage staff is multi talented, and with communication can give you the massage pressure that will satisfy your needs. Deep is not always better and massage should never cause you pain. Your massage therapist will find your knots and work on them. It may take more than one visit to entirely relax a bad area.


Why do you tell me to drink water before and after a massage?
During a massage toxins are pushed out of a muscle into the blood stream for elimination. These toxins must be diluted or you will hurt, or could even feel sick the next day.

What is a partial body massage?
Your choice. Your massage therapist can work on just your shoulder, or just your legs, or just your lower back. Most of our clients use a partial body massage to work shoulders, neck, and arms. Our massages are customized so it is up to you to choose to do a partial or full body massage. 


How will I feel after my massage?
After a massage most people feel relaxed. Many will experience relief from muscle aches and pain. Some may want to sleep, some may experience renewed energy. In the days following a massage many people will feel increased mobility, and reduced stress.

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