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Spray Tanning

Body Conscious

 A quick and safe alternative to sun or bed tanning

and gives you natural, bronze, non-orange color.

Full Body  $42

Half Body (Upper or Lower)  $21

Face Tan  $11


What you need to do BEFORE your appointment:


  • Exfoliate your whole body within 24 hours of your appointment, making sure you get your feet, ankles, elbows, knees and hands.  Don't  use oily lotions or creams.

  • Wax or shave within 24 hours of appointment.

  • Wear loose, dark clothing and sandals or flip flops.

  • Feel free to bring a swimsuit or disposable items will be provided for you to wear during your service.


  • Use other self tanning products within 1 week of your appointment.

  • Wear any makeup, deodorant, perfume, body oils or lotions.  These can negatively impact how the tan reacts to your skin, leaving a discolored or blotchy tan.


What you need to do AFTER your appointment:


  • Wear loose, dark clothing.

  • Keep skin completely dry, avoid sweating and contact with water.

  • Allow tan to develop for at least 8 hours, overnight if possible.


  • Apply any lotions or oils to your skin over the tan while it is developing.

  • Engage in any activities that will make you perspire.



  • After allowing the tan to develop for at least 8 hours, rinse off the remaining color guide with warm water.  Once the water runs clear, use mild soap to gently cleanse your skin.

  • Products that use alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's), other exfoliating products, and chlorine from pools can strip the color, avoid these!

  • Using lotions and oils after the tan has developed can help prolong your tan! 

  • Your spray tan will last 3-7 days, sometimes longer depending on your after-care.  The color will fade as your skin sheds.

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